Welcome to Queen Street Church

We are a community of people whose aim in life is to extend the influence of God in our world. The Bible is central to all that we believe and to the way that we live our lives, and because of this we care about each other and pursue honest relationships.  Our experience of the transforming power of Jesus Christ motivates us to reach out to the world around us, loving others with the love that comes from God Himself.

We are a group of Christians believers who celebrate our Salvation and focus on experiencing our lives together. The Psalmist wrote ”How wonderful it is, how pleasant, for God’s people to live together in harmony.” Life is meant to be shared. The Bible calls this meeting of Christians Fellowship.

While it is possible to worship in a crowd, We believe that its difficult to fellowship with one. Everyone needs to be involved in a small group- whether its a Sunday School Class, a small group that meets at the church building or in someone’s home or at the park.

We strive to be Authentic – not superficial. We hope you can become part of a true spiritual family and join in on our journey to follow God’s plan for developing loving relationships and finding encouragement from fellow Christians.

Seeking the Prosperity of Kinston and Lenoir County