The Queen Street Story

Postcard PictureThe Methodist movement in Kinston dates back to services held in the courthouse by Bishop Francis Asbury in 1785.  The most long-standing congregation of Methodism in Kinston is Queen Street United Methodist Church, established as a new church “outside of the city” in 1911. At the time, Queen Street Church boasted the largest sanctuary east of Raleigh. As Kinston grew, the area where the church was built became part of the city, and now the church is centered right in the heart of downtown Kinston.

Through the years, Queen Street Church has been very active in the Methodist movement. As the church grew, members decided to plant three new congregations in Kinston. One of those churches, Westminster United Methodist Church, remains a strong and thriving congregation.

As Queen Street United Methodist Church celebrates more than 100 years in ministry on the corner of Queen Street and Peyton Avenue, its members are clear of their mission…to seek the prosperity of the city. The church finds its mission in Jeremiah 29 where the people are told to “seek the prosperity of the city, and pray for it, for in its prosperity you will find your own (paraphrase).

The church is active in the community, working closely with Southeast Elementary School, and searching for where God is leading us to increase our mission. Congregants and community members alike enjoy the music ministry of the church through their weekly presentations in worship, Christmas concerts with orchestra and choir, dinner theaters, and their concert series.

Click here to view/download “A Journey through Faith and Service,” written in celebration of our 100 year anniversary.