Future Of Our Church

This webpage was created to help inform members of Queen Street United Methodist Church about the ongoing disaffiliation process taking place within the denomination. It includes a section with General Information along with a section about the United Methodist Church. We will continue to add links to resources over the next weeks that we believe will help inform you as we hold a church-wide conversation on Feb 12th at 2 pm. Your questions, suggestions, thoughts are welcome by email (send to Lee Holder- historyhawk308@gmail.com). Ultimately, however, the decision of your church home rests solely with you. We ask that you consider all options, hold grace-filled conversations and seek God’s face through prayer.


We believe it would be helpful to learn the Structure of The United Methodist Church (UMC) (https://www.umc.org/en/who-we-are/structure), as well as terms and acronyms, such as: “What is the ‘trust clause’?” “What is the BOD?” You’ll find 100s more at the Glossary of The United Methodist Communications website.

Ask the UMC FAQs is a series of short articles regarding where the UMC stands on doctrine, and what it believes about baptism, communion, poverty, abortion, human sexuality, and more.

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Lastly, here is a link to up to date information about the disaffiliation process in the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church (https://nccumc.org/disaffiliation/#churches).

About the United Methodist Church

On this webpage, you’ll find information from and about the United Methodist Church. As stated on a previous part of our site, information in this section may conflict with that in the GMC section. We encourage you to research diligently and explore evenly as you do the work of personal discernment.

United Methodist Church Informational video (4.48 minutes) produced by the UMC pastors in our area, and shown at all 10 District meetings, which were offered by the Texas Conference from July through August.

Here are six videos produced recently by the UMC responding to the six (Rob Renfroe) Global Methodist Church videos about the future of our denomination.

Here is a link to a compilation of major articles, opinion pieces, and other information regarding disaffiliation through the last nine months.

Ask the UMC, offers a series of questions and answers to help clear up some common misperceptions or misinformation around disaffiliation:

Is the UMC Really, part 1

Is the UMC Really, part 2

Is the UMC Really, part 3

Is the UMC Really, part 4

Is the UMC Really, part 5

Compassionate. Commissioned. Courageous.” by Rev. David Horton and Rev. R. DeAndre Johnson, offers a discussion on what kind of people must we become to “abide together in a spirit of grace and truth?” A three-week study guide is available.

United Methodist Disaffiliation Blues Looks at frustration from UMC members who feel balanced information is not getting presented.

The United Methodist Church website

UM Insight weekly online newsletter

The United Methodist Book of Discipline online