Serve in Kinston

Each member of the church is encouraged to participate in our outreach ministries in some way, and we welcome help from community members. If you would like to serve around Kinston in some way, please call the church office at 252.527.2119.


Our Hand-in-Hand program is a partnership between Queen Street Church and Southeast Elementary School, a Title 1 school in our close proximity. Through this partnership, we provide one-to-one reading on a monthly basis with the children at the school, furnish a clothing closet, and provide monthly birthday parties for children whose birthdays fall within that month. Additionally, each staff member has a prayer partner that prays for them daily and receives a card of encouragement each month. We provide a staff appreciation luncheon twice a year to celebrate the commitment of the workers at Southeast School. Our volunteer list is growing tremendously! We are currently looking for more ways to become involved with this school.

Other Outreach Ministries

In addition to the activities at Southeast Elementary School, Queen Street Church is also involved with outreach ministries through financial contributions to Meals on Wheels, the Kinston High School Bible Class, and ICOR (Inter-church Outreach). ICOR was established with the help of Queen Street Church to provide financial assistance to community members. In addition to financial contributions to ICOR, many of our church members volunteer time for interviewing applicants for assistance. Other financial contributions for outreach ministry are provided through our yearly giving to the United Methodist Church through apportionments and donations by United Methodist Women.